2023 Tent Revival, August 3-13 – Invite Your Friends

Evening Schedule 7:00 each evening:

Thursday, Aug. 03 – “First Love” – Merle Weaver

Friday, Aug. 04 – “Living a life in pursuit of Holiness” – Aaron Lapp, Jr.

Saturday, Aug. 05 – “Anchored vs. Fenced” – Merle Weaver

Sunday Morn, Aug. 06 – “Priority #1, The Family!” – Merle Weaver

Sunday Eve, Aug. 06 – “The Bait of Satan” – Aaron Lapp, Jr.

Monday, Aug. 07 – “The Holy Spirit (With, In, & Upon)” – Merle Weaver

Tuesday, Aug. 08 – “Serving Christ as Heirs” – Aaron Lapp, Jr.

Wednesday, Aug. 09 – “Spiritual Authority” – Merle Weaver

Thursday, Aug. 10 – “Fearless and Faithful” – Aaron Lapp, Jr.

Friday, Aug. 11 – “He took our infirmities and bore our diseases.” – Merle Weaver

Saturday, Aug. 12 – “You shall receive Power” – Aaron Lapp, Jr.

Sunday Morn, Aug. 13 – “Leading with a vision” – Aaron Lapp, Jr.

Sunday Eve, Aug. 13 – “The night is coming, when no one can work” – Merle Weaver

Messages by Evangelists Aaron Lapp, Jr. & Merle Weaver. Singing and Opening messages by miscellaneous groups and speakers each evening.

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